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How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency for Your eCommerce Company

Content marketing is a business strategy that's rapidly becoming one of the most often used methods of promoting a brand. Naturally, it has also spread to eCommerce businesses, and since it's a relatively new way of handling marketing, it's understandable why many business owners don't know how to pick the right agency for the job. In this article, we will clear the air a bit, and create a helpful guide for those interested in working with an agency, but unsure about how to choose one. The Deal Breakers Associated with Choosing the Best Content Marketing Agency First of all, let's

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6 Reasons Why Your Business Will Succeed And Fail with Social Media Ads

When coming up with ideas for the business marketing strategy, social media ads are always brought into the discussion. From a far distance, it seems natural. They are a simple straightforward way of letting the target audience know about you. [bctt tweet="But do ads actually bring the results you want?" username="Happy_eCommerce"] There has to be a bump in the number of clients when you advertise discounts on social media. But are the orders constantly growing after a few campaigns? Or maybe it's just a short-lasting success.                                [ Image

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How a High Content Blog Will Improve Your Sales

Blogging has become highly competitive in today's market. It's not enough to just have one. Modern companies need a blog with high quality content to attract readers and improve sales. How Blogging Will Improve Your Sales Content marketing enables you to attract readers, inform prospective buyers, demonstrate the value of your products/services and gain trust so that you'll stand out amidst competitors. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 organizations market with content. Blogging is the vessel you can use to improve your sales. Here's how you can do it.                  

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Set Business Goals

How many times have you set out to implement specific business goals and objectives and solemnly sworn you'd accomplish them? You start out really strong and then end up losing all your motivation quickly. Pretty soon your aspirations fade away before any results are experienced. Have you ever asked yourself why this happens? Most likely, it's because you set your business goals and objectives based on how others view you instead of your own beliefs. In the online marketing world, if you're not authentic, your objectives won't be attainable.  Especially if you're basing your goals up

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Secrets For a Successful Home Based Business

Working from home opportunities have flourished in the past few decades. Many small businesses are run from private homes. How do they do it? There are a few secrets that lead to having a successful home based business. If you know them, your business will experience greater success in a smaller amount of time. Photo Credits: Lea Latumahina's Flickr Home Based Mental Preparations Professional Workspace - It's important to be able to create a professional work environment for yourself. Set aside a completely separate space in the home where you'll work. [bctt tweet="Ensure th

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Why eCommerce Strategies Should Include Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media has been and continues to be a vortex of constant changes. Because of that, it can be quite hard to come up with an effective marketing strategy that targets the right networks. Thus, eCommerce strategies often end up getting changed. Still, the amount of leads that come from Social Networking platforms is too good to pass up. That's why eCommerce websites have to stay in the loop and react to new trends accordingly. One of the main ways to promote a company on social media is through ads. However, this is actually a pretty bad marketing strategy in the long run. If

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Why Social Media Ads Only Offer eCommerce Websites Short-Term Success

We've previously discussed the subject of ads while talking about content marketing strategies for your eCommerce business. Today, I'm going to get into why ads are just a short-term solution for eCommerce websites. What's more, that isn't even the only downside. Ads have been around for a long time, but they have lost some of their popularity in recent years. I personally think that things are going as they should. I doubt that ads are going to disappear anytime soon, but now we have better ways to handle marketing. Here are some solid arguments why ads aren't a long-term strat

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How Can Content Marketing Agencies Improve Ecommerce Strategies

If you work in eCommerce, this article is right up your alley. There's no denying that content marketing has become the norm when it comes to how businesses promote their brands. Businesses like yours have the most to gain from using this digital marketing strategy, as generating interest and attracting more visitors to websites are two of its major strong points. Ecommerce strategies need careful planning, since owning a site is very different than owning a real life store. Therefore, using the same marketing tactics is not a good option. No one will see your website walking on t

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How to Achieve Magento’s Content Marketing Success on Your eCommerce Website

Magento has become the biggest platform for open commerce innovation. They achieved this by involving not only other businesses in their content marketing campaign, but clients as well. If you want to find out how your eCommerce website can also attain success like them, read on. Magento didn't just give content marketing a try, they really committed to it. Their blog has new content at least once a week, but usually much more often, and the email-based lead nurturing strategy they use is extremely effective. I'm going to give you a rundown of their way of doing business and give m

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In-House vs Outsourced Content Marketing in the eCommerce World

A big problem for any eCommerce business is choosing how to handle marketing. Content marketing can be applied in many ways, but the question is how to handle it so that you get the best outcome. One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is whether to outsource the process to an agency or create your own in-house team. It's best to start working on the details of your strategy only after you've decided on the team that you are going to work with. It's important to keep the goals in mind, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the team when planning. Check out the other a

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