The Excellent Results of Content Marketing as Told by the Big Companies

The Excellent Results of Content Marketing as Told by the Big Companies

There is no denying that content marketing became a worldwide known trend over the last decades. That is not only because it is clean, clear and easy to use, but it also has amazing results as all the big companies have shown us.

Some of them turned to online marketing sooner rather than later. Others just went with the flow.

But how and, most importantly, why do the results of content marketing make such a big fuss in the online community? We wondered about that and during our search for the answer we stumbled upon these amazing stories from big companies.

Strategy is everything in the online system

Before you start blogging, you need to know who you’re writing for and if there is potential growth with your target audience. For example, if you own a corner supermarket, it is obvious that content marketing is not your answer and you need to turn to more traditional forms of advertising.

But if you own a tech company or a PR company, you can start brainstorming about your target public TODAY!

Take a page from Procter and Gamble. Throughout the years, they built a strong customer base by distributing a wide range of products, from batteries to deodorants or washing powder.

Having gained the trust of their audience, they started a blog designed especially for pet lovers, called Petside. By using this blog, they promoted training and behavior advice, pet products news and adoption resources.

“But we’re not all Procter and Gamble”, you might say. That’s true but the results of content marketing will not delay to appear if you have a well-known reputation. Being an established company will help you use online advertising to get your business to its fullest potential when it comes to publicity and recognition.

results of content marketing

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Plan ahead, like way ahead

…just until you reach the end.

It is very important to have a clear image about exactly what you want to do because otherwise you risk to lose yourself on the way. Then, you’ll just start going down and taking your business with you.

Just imagine everything. Even the black marker you’ll write your strategy with.

The first step is finding a big idea that will fit the domain of activity your business is specialized in.

Every big company succeeded with a big idea. Let’s take KRAFT for example. It is one of the first leaders in content marketing. And that’s because they saw potential where no one was looking.

Starting was the decision that changed the course of the company. By the time they were writing about recipes and the food industry, most of their competitors didn’t have a website to begin with. Not to mention that the term “content marketing” wasn’t even a thing.

Another example of the effective results of content marketing is Colgate. Colgate started an online platform based on Oral and Dental Health Resource center. It has videos, interactive guides and over 400 articles. If you think about it, they were very smart people.

They used their knowledge in the field to give people valuable information about their products and how to use them.

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Bottom line, even a small but professional company can use its experience and expertise to create blogs and eBooks in an organised and effective way that reaches a target audience.

Step 3: Blitzkrieg!

Please, don’t pull out a knife. We’re talking about an online context here. This means figuring out exactly what your public needs and then giving it to them by using a very effective surprise element.

It’s all about Supply & Demand.

Most tech companies adopted this strategy, starting with Intel and IBM. Of course, it’s amazing to buy a new computer, but wouldn’t it be more fun to actually know what it does and how many things you can use it for?

This is the question which the people at Intel asked themselves. The result was IQ, a blog where employees use their knowledge to help the general public.

Don’t worry, you won’t find the next Relativity Theory in there, but they turned an ordinary blog into an awesome marketing tool by giving something useful in exchange.

Marriott did the exact same thing. Launching a new global platform, the hotel company intends to publish relevant entertaining content for its clients and for the general public that is interested in tourism.

results of content merketing

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Of course, being Marriott they want to become the best. The thing is, they might actually pull it off.

Let’s think about it for a second. Is there anyone who’s not thinking about travelling to a beautiful country at least 365 times a year?

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You know Marriott hotels are the best, you look up their blog on Google and that is how they gain another visitor. Now ask yourself, how many people are out there, thinking just like you?

Analyzing the results of content marketing

When the war is over and you’ve played all your cards, it’s time to analyse the results. What you did good and what you did wrong. Did you meet the Supply & Demand or did you fail?

And here comes our last story: Udemy.

Udemy is a teaching platform. It has courses about everything. From Java Programming to Yoga. It is a big success story because it came at the right time, at the right place. Some of its courses are free. Some are not. But that doesn’t stop millions of students to log in everyday.

Udemy is the perfect example of how content can be recycled. You write something really good, you put it out there and then you wait. When the right time comes, you could reuse the information.

But big brands like Udemy had to make the decision weather or not to outsource content creation. Let’s find out how they got the best answer.

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Think about it just like Oscar Wilde did, “with age comes wisdom”.

Words to live by.

In the end, whether or not you want to go into online marketing is entirely up to you. But like with anything out there, we know it’s better to have someone to work with. This is why we here at Squirrly offer support for content marketing. We also take all the needs of our customers into account.

results of content marketing

And don’t worry about failing. It only makes us stronger. It’s just like one of my favourite movie characters once said:

“The act of losing can elicit great wisdom. Not least of which is how much more enjoyable it is to win. It’s inevitable to lose now and again. The trick is not to make a habit of it.”

How Successful Entrepreneurs Set Business Goals and Objectives

How Successful Entrepreneurs Set Business Goals and Objectives

How many times have you set out to implement specific business goals and objectives and solemnly sworn you’d accomplish them? You start out really strong and then end up losing all your motivation quickly.

Pretty soon your aspirations fade away before any results are experienced. Have you ever asked yourself why this happens?

Most likely, it’s because you set your business goals and objectives based on how others view you instead of your own beliefs. In the online marketing world, if you’re not authentic, your objectives won’t be attainable.  Especially if you’re basing your goals upon pleasing society instead of on who you really are.

You set a goal and immediately take action toward that goal, never giving a second thought to what your subconscious believes.

You’ll go through the motions of the steps that are needed to accomplish that goal for quite a while. Pretty soon, because of these forced actions, people start seeing you differently.

From there, you base your identity on what people believe. This isn’t the real you and eventually, because your true beliefs don’t match the actions you’re forcing yourself to take, you’re going to slack off.

Consequently, your goals will fall by the wayside. Click To Tweet

So when you set your goals and objectives, set them based on your identity…the identity that YOU feel best represents yourself. This is how goals actually come to fruition. They have to be born from identity-based habits.

business goals and objectivesPhoto Credits: herlitz_pbs‘s Flickr

How to Reach Business Goals and Objectives

Successful entrepreneurs set business goals and objectives centered around identity-based habits. Identity-based habits and goals are set based on the type of person you believe you truly are on the inside and outside.

This is followed by actions or habits that reinforce those inner core beliefs. Click To Tweet

As a result, people view you based on your beliefs and your actions. When you set up habits based on your inner beliefs, you’re able to reach your business goals and objectives successfully.


1)  Set Your Goal:  To spend time marketing on social media outlets every single day.

2)  Establish Your Belief:  I’m the type of marketer who spends at least 45 minutes a day on social media marketing.

3)  Make a step by step process for social media marketing.

4)  Designate a specific time to do it every single day.

But What If I Don’t Believe I Can Do It?

If you spend your energy not believing you can meet your business goals and objectives, you won’t. This is why you establish the beliefs that help you attain them.

Telling yourself repeatedly that ‘you’re the type of person who…’ stimulates the subconscious into action.

You begin developing habits that support this ‘established’ belief. Each day, when your actions back up this ‘established’ belief, your subconscious gradually begins to believe that you really are this type of person.

It becomes your identity. Thus, you're able to attain your business goals and objectives. Click To Tweet

One of the most difficult business objectives to reach is producing powerful and consistent content. Our team of writers is professionally trained to provide unique content specifically designed for your audience.

If you’re looking to fulfill your business goals and objectives surrounding content we can show you how to get 300 readers per article for free.

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We’re here to help.

Kickstarter vs Indiegogo. The crowdfunding gunslingers.

Kickstarter vs Indiegogo. The crowdfunding gunslingers.

The battle begins: Kickstarter vs Indiegogo. Fight!

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the most popular donation-based crowdfunding platforms. Go and take a look at  our infographic: Top 5 crowdfunding platforms, and you’ll convince yourself. They were founded in 2009 and 2007 respectively, and since then they’ve been leading a battle of their own in the online Wild West, wielding their ammo of donors and funders, fighting for the first place.  Well, what defines their success or their failure? Is it really Kickstarter vs Indiegogo or do they get along just fine?

kickstarter vs indiegogo

kickstarter vs indiegogo

And the winner is…

Round 1. Traffic and visitors engaged

Zach Eberhart points out that in terms of traffic and market recognition, Indiegogo is second best. Indiegogo only sees half the traffic of Kickstarter, but they could beat Kickstarter if their consistent traffic increased, because the two platforms provide similar engagement. Zach Eberhart further on analyses the two sites’ conversion rates, the rate of visitors and data trends, showing that although the layout of the platforms’ projects available for funding is identical, Kickstarter has a conversion funnel rate  28% higher than Indiegogo. Kickstarter has twice more traffic than Indiegogo.

Round 2. Policy and rules.

In the rivalry Kickstarter vs Indiegogo, you need to take sides, and in order to do this you should learn a few defining rules about the platforms. Most users agree that Kickstarter has an appealing, user-friendly interface, while Indiegogo is less structured, more cluttered. Even so, when opting for Kickstarter you’d better know that your project must have to conform to Kickstarter’s guidelines, while Indiegogo is “available to anyone to raise money for anything”. On Kickstarter everything has to be a project of which you set a goal, that is to make a product, and the project has to belong to one of the categories: Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater. Indiegogo, on the other hand, is very broad and diverse, and the majority of projects seem to be ‘indie’.

Round 3. Goals and deadlines. Fees. 

In both cases you earn something and you pay something. With Kickstarter you have a deadline to reach your goal, of 30 to 90 days, while with Indiegogo there is no limit of time fixed, though the average time is about 45 days. If a project is successfully funded, Kickstarter applies a 5% fee to the funds collected and the processing fees, while if it fails all funds are returned to their original donors. On the other hand, Indiegogo offers more funding choices. You can go for a Flexible Funding, where you keep all funds you raise, even if you don’t meet your goal, or a Fixed Funding, where all gifts go back to their donors, if you fail. In case of a Flexible Funding, you pay 4% if you meet your goal, and 9% if you don’t.

Round 4.  Success or failure? Harmony or rivalry?

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo seem to be in a class of their own. Kickstarter impresses with great numbers (look at this infographic), strict structure and fair rules, while Indiegogo stands out for its variety, permissiveness and active community of donors. In the online Wild West there is one person who can acknowledge the winner. The crowdfunding gunslingers await for your decision.

Tell us who do you think won the battle: Kickstarter vs Indiegogo. I can’t wait to hear your opinion on these great crowdfunding platforms!

Buy articles cheap with the writer in mind

Buy articles cheap with the writer in mind

If you choose to buy articles cheap you need to know what you are after. Most of the times buying articles will be the most cost-effective strategy  you can have. But they will still cost something. If you are going out there in to the on-line world searching for 1 $ content, then you are asking for trouble.

Buy articles cheap = paying double ?

Finding the cheapest content is not necessary in your best interest. I understand that you have a small budget and not enough personnel to deal with this but the side-effects are even worst. Depending on your level of vigilance you can get multiple bad outcomes, let’s see how each one of them will make the content more expensive.

  1. Commission it twice. The lesser evil will be that you just simple failed at your first choice to buy articles cheap. You sent them the requirements. They failed. They sent you a bad article you will not use and all the money was wasted. And let’s not talk about the time. You are back at the beginning find a new writer sending them the details and this time you’ll pay more to be sure it doesn’t lack value.
  2. Your readers will hate it. Let’s say you publish it. The audience and those that get in touch with your site for the first time will not appreciate that you buy articles cheap. And they will know the lack of value the content presents, even if they don’t know the price you paid. You will loose subscribes and possible leads. Unfortunately that was the first reason why you both those articles so it seams counter productive.
  3. Google will find out. As your bounce rate skyrockets, Google will realize something is wrong with the page. As long as it is only one page the consequences that you buy articles cheap will not be that high but there are multiple pages with low quality content, the problems are bigger. Your site might drop from indexing for months or even years.
  4. Duplicates. In some cases the article might seam fine at first glance, but be aware. In case you decide to buy articles cheap there is a serious issue that there might be duplicated content. And even if you can’t tell, it will have a seriously bad effect on your site to basically copy the content found on another one, maybe ranking for the same keywords.

Taking all this into consideration be sure to check more than the price of the person you buy articles cheap from. As I explained in the previous article there are a few steps you can take to make sure that the writer or agency will deliver good content. And by establishing a relationship with an agency or a writer the content will only get better.

buy articles cheap

Establishing what you are looking for, regardless the price

You can’t put a price on a relationship and the content you deliver on your site is to build up a relationship with your future client. So buy articles cheap only if they meet all the requirements you have about that content. Those it have the right tone ? Does give out the information you want to ? Is it inviting and engaging ? That’s what you really want, at a good price. And most agencies know that, you an even see the pricing to convince yourself.

Do you ever buy articles cheap ? And are happy with the quality they offer ? Share your story in the comment section bellow. 

9 Hassle-Free Ways to Promote Your Blog Post Like a Pro [Infographic]

9 Hassle-Free Ways to Promote Your Blog Post Like a Pro [Infographic]

According to some bloggers, it’s better to spend 80% of your time promoting content, and only put 20% of it intro creating it. That’s definitely one school of thought we can get behind, as there’s no point to creating excellent content if nobody is going to see it.

That’s something we can actually help you out with. Our lessons are designed to help anyone attract 300 readers per post , so that they really feel like their effort was not in vain.

We’ll even throw in a little extra, namely these 9 excellent ways to promote your blog post fast and easy.

Free Ways to Promote Your Blog