Do You Use Influencer Marketing Strategy with Confidence ?

Do You Use Influencer Marketing Strategy with Confidence ?

Times are changing and so does advertising, or at least this is what we think. Indeed, we evolve because of technology, but our habits stay the same.

In other words, do you remember the classical way merchants used to promote stuff? By word of mouth? Well, this is still happening. They are calling it influencer marketing strategy now, but it is based on the same principle.

What are Influencers?

These guys and gals are those regular people, like you and I but who have something to say. To be more explicit: influencers are the ones who are constantly active on social media, posting about different topics or different news wordy subjects.

Usually, they have a blog and a bunch of people who are regularly engaging with them through likes, shares, and comments. Of course, I forgot to mention that they are either early adopters or niche promoters. In some cases, influencers can even become trendsetters.

Why Do You Need Them?

How many times has a friend or a relative or someone else convinced you to buy a product just because they recommend it to you? Well, if you think about it, this happens only when you trust that person’s taste, or you look up to them. The same thing’s going on in an influencer marketing strategy.

Today, social media users have developed a personal ad block. Whenever they skim through their news feed, they get past the sponsored content, stories, or tweets. No need to mention that they are deaf to commercials and blind when it comes to billboards.

But if they read a blog post or a status from someone whose opinion matters, they might spend a couple of minutes skimming the text, and if they enjoyed the review, might as well purchase the item, out of curiosity or because they trust that person.

influencer marketing strategy

Why Does This Work?

Because it is more personal! It’s much easier to relate to influencers because they are average people.

And because we don’t like to hear anyone bragging about themselves and, of course, we wouldn’t believe that person, but if we had a mutual close connection, like a friend, and he would say nice things about someone, we might give them the benefit of the doubt. Because, in fact, it’s someone else’s opinion, so it’s fine.

Influencers are slightly the same thing, but they connect the brand with the audience.

influencer marketing strategy

Where to Find Influencers

Mostly on social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Tumblr. You might notice them by the huge amount of engagement they have.

But, before you jump head first into the water, you might want to think about a few details in picking the right people for your influencer marketing strategy.

influencer marketing strategy

Your Audience vs. Their Audience

Let’s talk a little about your brand. What are you selling? What are you producing?

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you make crackers. Deliciously guilty crackers appreciated by foodies and amateurs.

And you’re thinking about an influencer, therefore, you go on whatever social media site, and you pick the first one you see who has incredible engagement and you ask them to write about your product.

But they say no or might bring out some reasons like “but my audience doesn’t enjoy…you know, food. They’re more with…fashion?”

Ouch. What do you do? First, relax. Second, research, research, research.

You can use BuzzSumo. On BuzzSumo, it’s easy to identify content influential people are sharing. You click on the “Influencers” tab at the top, and you just type a topic, like crackers.

influencer marketing strategy

And ba da boom, you find your influencers.

Also, you can always go on TagBoard and research by hashtags. You can see the influential score directly on Twitter, for instance, with the Klout Chrome extension. So many possibilities!

If tagboard and researching hashtags or influencers sounds complicated, we’ve created a short training program that will make it seem like a piece of cake. You’ll get all the details you need to use hashtags and the power of influencers in your marketing strategy.

What Defines an Influencer for Your Brand

As KISSmetrics stated, the three things you need to research before choosing your influencers are:

Context: Every influencer has its niche. The whole point is to find the one who would consume/buy your product. That being said, don’t aim for an influencer whose niche is IT to sell your crackers. Or salads.

Reach: well, they can share the same context with your product, but if only a couple of close friends like and read their posts, it’s pretty useless.

Actionability: You found the perfect influencers. Now, they should be able to cause action in their followers. Usually, this should be easy, and as second nature to them, but it’s not always happening. And at least not to everyone.  And no, forcing them to do constant promotion won’t work. After all, it’s still possible to unfollow someone.

You Found Them! What’s Your Next Step in the Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Organize your strategy. One crucial aspect to any great Influencer Marketing Strategy is to stay in touch with your bloggers and social media partners. That’s why finding a good CRM (Client Relationship Manager ) that can help you with this aspect is necessary.

That’s why we created a Video tutorial of Streak CRM to help you better organize your Influencer Marketing Strategy.

Spread the love. Answer on time to the mentions, replies, and questions, and share blog posts and videos of who is promoting your product.

Create discounts and encourage users to photograph themselves while/after/when using the products. This is how your awareness will grow.

And never forget to repay your influencers, either by shout out, sending free products, or financially.


How much traffic do you really get to your site? Is it close to 10.000?

Finding the right influencers and reaching out to them might do wonders for the traffic and social signals you get to your articles.

If you want to see more ideas that will help you go from just a few unique to 10.000 unique visitors, join this course. It’s the best one we’ve done so far, and we’ve applied it time and time again.

Sitemap: Building the a clear way to navigate your site

Sitemap: Building the a clear way to navigate your site

You have been finding out from us what are some important elements to get people on your site, how to build great content, and now we are going to talk about how to organize it in a sitemap.

You might have been wondering for some time which is the best way to make people search for more information on your site.

Well, that is an easy one, you need a clear navigation path for your readers. Making sure that your site has a clean walkthrough is established through your sitemap.

In this article, we will talk more about why a site map is important, how it can be done and a few principles to help you along the way.

Understanding that besides building great content you need to take the time to get everything sorted out in your sitemap will pay off from a Bot and Human standpoint.

Getting all this done in a logical fashion will make it easier for your future work as well. Having a clear structure will also give a holistic view of your content.

Why focus on a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design or a Web page that lists the pages on a site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.

Search engines care about having a sitemap because it gives them an order inside the information you offer in your site. This can very well direct them to pages that otherwise they would never discover.
If you make sure that you create one and submit it to Google, you will make the indexing better and quicker for new pages, as the crawling will go beyond the normal process.
This is quite important if you own a blog on which you write on a regular basis or if you are in the first steps of building the site and the structure is changing. If you have a big disorganized archive taking the time to create a structured sitemap will come in handy.
Dynamic content and structure might make it hard for Google’s spiders to find everything but give them the site map before hand will make it easier for them and better for you. So even if you build awesome articles but not even crawlers can’t find them, it’s quite in vein because people won’t find them either.
For readers establishing a sitemap that they can access is also important. You need to make sure that the are able to understand your structure and know where to find the right information or documents. If they can not find it easily and don’t even understand where they should be searching for
If they can not find it easily and don’t even understand where they should be searching for it, they will give up faster than you think. The user experience requires for the people to find the information in fewer tasks as possible.

Building one

There a number of protocols but I do recommend you the XML schema. If you want to build it manually, use the helping information form

This will make sure that the structure of your website will be understood by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Of course, the other formats are expected by the search engines but there is also the possibility that problems will appear.

If you’re taking care of your own site and writing all that code doesn’t quite come in handy you can use a site to generate the XML Site map and then just submit it to Google through your Webmaster account.

Squirrly, our WordPress SEO plugin can also help you take care of this task faster than you think.

Keep in mind

As I promised at the start of this articles I will present a few principles that you should keep in mind when building your site map in order to make it work for a long time for your site.

  • Put your buy persona first

As I have presented in an older article, you need to get to know your audience and establish what each group needs from you. This is called establishing the buyer persona, that uses your site or blog.

When building a site you should start from them and understand which is the flow you want to take them through in order to get to the end result they were searching for.

So the main structure of the Sitemap should be determined to buy the number of buyer persona you have identified and they different navigations paths.

  • Navigation should be intuitive not simple

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not promoting very complicated site maps that have weird connection between pages and information. You have to focus on creating an environment that is that necessary simple, but rather one that is easy to access for them.

Meaning that the logic that you find the site, might not concise with the one that your visitors have. Walk a mile in their shoes to make sure that it makes sense for them or ask a few of them and use their feedback.

  • Make it adaptable for the future

You need to understand the evolution of your site before you pin down a sitemap. It would be best that the structure of your site doesn’t change to often as your user appreciate a sense of consistency.

They might also bookmark different pages for future reference and if you change the structure too often this will mean that will not find the same info again.

Make sure you know where future articles, updates to pages and other elements will be integrated in the site map before they are even created.

Organized information has a higher rate of retention

In the end, you need to remember that Sitemaps help you in your SEO work in many different ways. They help Bot better understand your site and there for index it better.

It is also an important element for your user in order to get more information on the different subject from multiple pages on your site.

If you need any other information about Sitemap or want to tell us how you have build your own, please leave a comment bellow. 

Is website analysis influencing your articles ? It should

Is website analysis influencing your articles ? It should

When thinking about website analysis many people consider the graphics and metrics but don’t actually have an understanding of how this information influences their creation process. Knowing how to interpret the information means you’ll identify what the problems are and also some solutions.

Why website analysis information can influence your work

Information is very important, but it’s only useful when you know which information, and how to interpret it and use it in the future. Some key website analysis data that can help in your creation process is connected to your traffic. There are a few levels at which you can interpret this.

Knowing that your site’s overall traffic is high or low is not that important. You can first of all see which are the most visited and revisited pages on site. If there are articles you have comments on, ask for feedback from those people; take into account what they have offered you and how you can reverse engineer its success.

website analysis

Performing a website traffic analysis can also tell you the best days to post and how often. This way you can maximize your efforts. Maybe writing an article each day is not necessary, but rather concentrating your focus on one long article that you publish once a week will work better.

Having a clear sitemap and a feed can also help your creation process. It can give you a clear idea of the topics that are missing from your portfolio, how you can better structure your article and what the internal links you need to create are. Make sure that your site makes sense at not only an article level, but also at an intermediate and whole level as well.

Acquiring information, easier than before

Everybody knows this, that it’s much easier today to obtain information about your site. But not all products make it as easy to understand that information. You can try out ContentLook, a free product, to see how your site is performing and learn how to improve it.

website analysis

However, let’s get into how that data can improve the writing process. One big chapter that many bloggers and brands don’t take into consideration when creating the most valuable content is social media. Find out how well your site or articles are doing on social media.

If they have lots of shares, find out why and how they managed this. Is it because of the persuasive social media messages? Is it the trending topic or the quality of the article? If not, find out what they are missing. You might have great articles, but if don’t promote them at the right time for your audience or don’t engage further with them when they need explanations or answers they won’t succeed.

Most audiences nowadays expect an interactive source of information. And you can integrate this into your creation process. Give them CTA in which their input matters for the outcome of the action. One simple example for this would be quizzes. Many sites implement them in order to have a better connection with their audience.

Website analysis can also help you determine which type of content is most appreciated by your existing audience. That way you can deliver more of what they desire as information in a way that they like to digest it.

website analysis

Links and how they influence your research

Another aspect of website analysis that can give a helping hand in creating the best content for your site are the links you receive for your site. If you are interested in being mentioned by a popular site or blog there are a few tactics you can use. Start interacting with the author that can mention you, and start writing content that has the same style or information they usually use as a reference.

You also need to make them aware of your content if you want it to have any influence on your website analysis data. Other strategies are to try to guest post on their site. This will also help you redirect traffic to your site, but more than that it will get you in front of a new audience that is interested in the same topics.

It will help you have establish a clear name, personal brand and authority in your field.

Start your work with a quick pick at the past

Once in a while don’t forget to take a look at the website analysis of your site before deciding your month’s topics or writing new articles. It will direct you on the right path to digital success.

Appealing to your audience and engaging with them is also an important aspect of being a content marketer. Let us know in the comment section about your own strategy of implementing website analysis tools in your future work.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools That’ll Get You to the Top

The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools That’ll Get You to the Top

table maker plugin affiliate marketingAs you may have heard, affiliate marketing is a good way of monetizing your work as a blogger. If you’ve just started down this path and got your first bucks, you may be wanting more. And you should!

But it’s not all about the money. By taking a keen interest in this domain, you’ll actively learn a new skill. After all, we’re talking about another component of digital marketing.

The affiliate marketing tools industry is expected to be worth almost 7 billion dollars in the next five years. That means there is room for everybody and you can get a “piece of the pie” as well.

There’s another important aspect of this domain – besides money and getting a new skill. You get to build trust around your personal brand. Doing it the right way will give you the online authority we all seek.

Without further ado, here’s what an affiliate marketer’s toolbox should contain. Use these tools to rack up more and more conversions and trust.

1. Icegram

Increase Your Subscribers List for Free

affiliate marketing tools

Icegram is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for marketers. It has more than one feature and it is free. When you’re a beginner in this domain, having to pay for affiliate marketing tools or services could prove to be tricky.

If you’ve read a few articles about this topic, you know that each traffic source is of high importance. The thing is that your newsletter list is probably the best one since email marketing is one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

Keep in mind the fact that the people who gave you their email address considered they can trust your content.

affiliate marketing tools

This is where Icegram comes into play. It enables you to increase your affiliate marketing newsletter subscribers. It gives you countless ways to get your audience’s attention. Here’s what cool features you get:

  • Advanced targeting rules
  • Multiple placements
  • Multiple design templates to choose from
  • CSS customization capabilities
  • Integration with almost any theme
Having a large number of subscribers is a must for affiliate marketing. Icegram offers you that. Click To Tweet

2. PageWiz

DIY High Converting Landing Pages

affiliate marketing tools

Having a great landing page for the products you’re recommending is a good way to get conversions. The problem is that they’re not easy to build. You need coding skills and resources.

However, PageWiz is a tool that lets you create your landing pages. You don’t need coding skills – just drag and drop skills.

Another great benefit is that they already have quite a few templates designed specifically for affiliates. Ain’t that great? Sure it is!

Your best choice is to get everything done and set up. When you’re finished with all the other details, go to PageWiz and build the landing page. You get a 30-days trial – time in which you should gather some money for a basic plan.

Yes, PageWiz isn’t free, but you have high chances of being able to self-sustain an account through affiliate marketing.

With PageWiz you don't need coding skills, just drag and drop skills. Click To Tweet

3. Piwik

Liberating Analytics And More

affiliate marketing tools

Piwik is a powerful, free, open-source platform for analytics. It does more than that. You can either host it on your server or use it as a cloud-hosted solution. Since its launch, it has been downloaded almost 3 million times. Another cool thing is that they have a mobile app as well.

Piwik is far more than your basic analytics platform. Its greatest perk is the ability to give you real-time data about your audience.

You may be wondering why should you use this tool. The reports it provides give you useful information that’ll help get a more precise overview of all your content and users.

Getting back to the affiliate part, Piwik is smart enough to offer you that extra oomph you’re craving. However, what matters the most to you are the conversions. Without them you have nothing and your work is in vain. But if your content and website do convert, you’ll quickly want to know more.

Especially since conversions follow the 80 – 20 principle. What this mean is 20 percent of your users account for 80 of your revenue – usually. Granted, authority and ranking are key factors in the equation. But that 20 percent of your traffic is what matters the most. These are the users that do what you want them to do.

You're blind without data. Use Piwik as your second pair of eyes. Click To Tweet

However, no matter how deep you go into Piwik’s features make sure you don’t get lost. It’s more complex than Google Analytics. Set up only the aspects that help you get more conversions and move on to generating content.

4. ContentLook

Website Analysis & Content Audit

free marketing tools

Being a player in the affiliate marketing niche means you’re competing with big brands over the attention of the same audience. Your advantage is that 84% of Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising.

As you can guess, the above statement means you’re one step ahead of your competition. All you need to do is stay on the righteous path and deliver consistent quality.

However, to deliver quality you need to understand what works and what doesn’t. The previous tool, Piwik, is giving you in-depth analytics. But Contentlook is a more user-friendly approach and it covers different aspects.

You know how important ranking is. You understand the possibility – and advantages – of one of your articles going viral. ContentLook is a tool that helps you achieve these aspects.

ContentLook helps you grow and constantly improve your work. Click To Tweet

What ContentLook does is giving you a clear overview of how your content is performing and how well it’s optimized. You’ll learn:

affiliate marketing tools

  • Social media networks performance. How many shares, likes, comments, and so on your content got on each network. This is great to learn where most of your audience spends its time.

affiliate marketing tools

  • Traffic analytics. It works differently than Google Analytics or Piwik. Contentlook outlines your overall traffic and per-post traffic. Use it together with the above point to understand what works and what doesn’t.

affiliate marketing tools

  • Content search engine optimization. Another great feature of Contentlook is that it tells you how likely are your posts to be found organically. The better optimized they are, the higher users will find them in search queries.

More than this, the Contentlook audit provides solutions to your problems. The team behind the tool doesn’t only tell you what’s wrong but also teach what you should do to fix it.

5. VWO

Easy-To-Use A/B Testing For Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing tools

Some sources go out on a limb and say that A/B testing can help you earn four times more. There is no specific statistic backing up that claim. However, a positive effect can be seen.

Why should affiliate marketers use A/B testing tools like VWO? Easy: To understand what their audience likes to see.

affiliate marketing

VWO is a tool that gives you real-time reports that outline what works and what doesn’t. Using this tool gets you:

  • Testing and experimentation capabilities
  • Visual editor for landing pages
  • Useful analytics
  • Heatmaps & clickmaps – to understand which zone of your website attract the most attention
  • Integration with most popular platforms
  • Custom targeting and personalization

VWO offers tons of useful features you could take advantage of. However, most affiliate marketers won’t find much need for some.

VWO offers friendly site-testing for non-technical users. Use it to your advantage. Click To Tweet

What VWO does for you is allow the testing of different headlines, buttons, and CTAs. You can change key aspects on your pages and test which of them performs better. When you got your answer, you can get back to work on writing content.

6. Table Maker

A  Plugin for Your Website

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, your start should be strongly related to learning from others. Scout other similar websites and try to find out what plugins do they use to score more conversions.

This table plugin is not a must and it’s hard to find one that works well and its developers are still around. But it can make a huge difference. Here’s a screenshot from Table Maker – such a plugin you can get for free from the WordPress Plugins directory:

table maker plugin affiliate marketing

Now that you understand the point of plugins as such, you probably already have ideas on how to use them.

Table Maker was last updated nine months ago and it seems there is no longer support available. However, it still does the job and it even features a responsive layout.

Creation of tables is simple and intuitive. To insert them into your post or page just follow the instructions – there’s a shortcode there. Easy-peasy!

It’s a great feature to have on your affiliate marketing website. You know that looks matter a lot. This means that the plugin might help you get some extra conversions.

Make it easy for your readers to compare features and advantages. Click To Tweet

7. Website Grader

How Powerful Is Your Website

affiliate marketing

Website Grader is a simple tool that analyzes your website and grades its performance. You get information about:

  • Performance
  • Mobile
  • SEO
  • Security

Each of those aspects gets a score and your website receives an overall rating based on the results of the audit. Sadly, you don’t get many details about what you should do.

Clicking on the offer at the bottom of the page will actually take you to HubSpot. The tool in nice and feature-rich and useful for affiliate marketers as well.

It’s an all-in-one marketing software platform. It helps you optimize your website in terms of SEO. This will lead to more prospects finding your content and more of them turning into buyers.

You get a 30 days trial that will bring in more traffic, leads and customers.  You should definitely try it out and see if the results do improve. Try to find out if it helps you reach your goals easier or not.

There is always room for improvement but you need to know where you stand. Click To Tweet

8. Squirrly

SEO by Squirrly – Your New Best Friend

creating powerful content

Some of the affiliate marketing tools presented so far you’ll be using only from time to time. That’s how they were built and designed. Use them, get your info, proceed to other tasks – like writing.

However, SEO by Squirrly will soon become your best friend. On the outside, you’d be tempted to think it’s just another SEO plugin for WordPress. But you’d be wrong. Very wrong.

It’s only a few years old and it already surpassed the 100,000 users milestone. Its great features and utility have been praised and recommended by thought leaders like Neil Patel, co-founder of KissMetrics.

You’ll get multiple benefits for using this tool on a daily basis.

No, let’s rephrase that.

affiliate marketing seo

You’ll get multiple benefits for using the 108 features of SEO by Squirrly. Here are some of the most important and powerful ones:

  • Live Assistant – works hand in hand with you as you write your affiliate articles to ensure maximum optimization.
  • Keyword research – quickly provides you details about the keyword you plan on using. You get information about recent discussions, exact search, competition, and trends.
  • Further research and inspiration – it helps you find quality images you can use in your posts, what people talk about that topic on Twitter, how Wikipedia describes the topic and other blog posts related to your topic.
  • Weekly audit – each week you get a report detailing your post performance, what can be improved and how you should do that.
  • Rich snippets – in the settings section you can set up rich snippets information so that Google displays more about your website in search results.
  • Performance analytics – SEO by Squirrly gives you ranking and social analytics for each post optimized. You can set this only for your country if you wish or just keep the default

There are tons of other features you need to try. You’ll get access to the PRO version for 14 days, but the free plan is perfect if you post 5 times per month.

Go and check out SEO by Squirrly.

SEO by Squirrly works hand in hand with you to deliver maximum optimization. Click To Tweet

9. AnswerThePublic

What Does Your Audience Search for When Referring to Your Topic?

If you’re having a hard time coming up with the perfect headlines that answer your audience’s problems, this is the tool for you.

AnswerThePublic is a 100% free tool that gives you great insights into your audience’s mind. It’s extremely simple to use and fast.

affiliate marketing

All you have to do is select your country – if it’s among the supported ones – and enter your topic. Wait a few seconds and boom!

You get detailed results regarding the phrases people use to learn more about the topic on Google and Bing. In the affiliate marketing niche, this is valuable information.

Test AnswerThePublic and let us know in the comments section below how you feel about it.

AnswerThePublic helps you get a look inside your audience's mind. Click To Tweet

10. GIMP

Your Powerful Photo Editor

affiliate marketing

You’ve heard about GIMP for sure. It packs almost enough power as Photoshop, minus the price. It’s an open source 100% free software you can use to edit images.

More interesting is the fact that it’s doing a great job. It delivers exactly what it promises. You simply download it and use it.

There are many customization options and 3rd party plugins you can use to further enhance your productivity. The best way to use GIMP is for custom blog images and social media promotion.

It's FREE, it's powerful, it's fast. Use GIMP for quality visual elements. Click To Tweet

Final Words on Affiliate Marketing Tools

The tools presented above are surely not the only ones you can use to up your game in affiliate marketing. However, they are efficient and get the job done.

Additionally, you may not need them all as long as you know how to tend to your needs regarding writing, research, and optimization. But if you’re a beginner do give them a try. It will help you understand better the whole concept.

For and foremost, don’t forget who your audience is. Getting too much wrapped around tools might defocus you. You’re writing and working hard for people, not search engines or statistics.

Your turn: What other affiliate marketing tools do you find useful? Do you have any tips for beginners that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below so we can learn from each other.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The reason why you should buy articles for your site

[INFOGRAPHIC] The reason why you should buy articles for your site

When it comes down to the work you actually have to do for your blog, like content creation, the enthusiasm of most people fades away fast. In order to maintain the thrill or maybe even the success of your site you can buy articles from professional writers. This way the fun of owning a blog will still be there, for both You and Your Readers. If the numerous reasons found in the past articles haven’t already convinced you, our infographic will.

Should I buy articles ? The answer is YES.

And we are not the only ones saying this. Susana actually gives you a list of the best platforms to search for these kinds of services. You can try those out or work with a professional agency which will allow you to build a strong and long-term collaboration. Check out the infographic and talk with your friends about the reasons why content creation can be somebody else’s problem. We present the advantages of the overall process of buying articles.

The reason why you should buy articles for your site
So would you buy articles for you site ? Tell us the answer in the comment section below.