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When thinking about website analysis many people consider the graphics and metrics but don’t actually have an understanding of how this information influences their creation process. Knowing how to interpret the information means you’ll identify what the problems are and also some solutions.

Why website analysis information can influence your work

Information is very important, but it’s only useful when you know which information, and how to interpret it and use it in the future. Some key website analysis data that can help in your creation process is connected to your traffic. There are a few levels at which you can interpret this.

Knowing that your site’s overall traffic is high or low is not that important. You can first of all see which are the most visited and revisited pages on site. If there are articles you have comments on, ask for feedback from those people; take into account what they have offered you and how you can reverse engineer its success.

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Performing a website traffic analysis can also tell you the best days to post and how often. This way you can maximize your efforts. Maybe writing an article each day is not necessary, but rather concentrating your focus on one long article that you publish once a week will work better.

Having a clear sitemap and a feed can also help your creation process. It can give you a clear idea of the topics that are missing from your portfolio, how you can better structure your article and what the internal links you need to create are. Make sure that your site makes sense at not only an article level, but also at an intermediate and whole level as well.

Acquiring information, easier than before

Everybody knows this, that it’s much easier today to obtain information about your site. But not all products make it as easy to understand that information. You can try out ContentLook, a free product, to see how your site is performing and learn how to improve it.

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However, let’s get into how that data can improve the writing process. One big chapter that many bloggers and brands don’t take into consideration when creating the most valuable content is social media. Find out how well your site or articles are doing on social media.

If they have lots of shares, find out why and how they managed this. Is it because of the persuasive social media messages? Is it the trending topic or the quality of the article? If not, find out what they are missing. You might have great articles, but if don’t promote them at the right time for your audience or don’t engage further with them when they need explanations or answers they won’t succeed.

Most audiences nowadays expect an interactive source of information. And you can integrate this into your creation process. Give them CTA in which their input matters for the outcome of the action. One simple example for this would be quizzes. Many sites implement them in order to have a better connection with their audience.

Website analysis can also help you determine which type of content is most appreciated by your existing audience. That way you can deliver more of what they desire as information in a way that they like to digest it.

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Links and how they influence your research

Another aspect of website analysis that can give a helping hand in creating the best content for your site are the links you receive for your site. If you are interested in being mentioned by a popular site or blog there are a few tactics you can use. Start interacting with the author that can mention you, and start writing content that has the same style or information they usually use as a reference.

You also need to make them aware of your content if you want it to have any influence on your website analysis data. Other strategies are to try to guest post on their site. This will also help you redirect traffic to your site, but more than that it will get you in front of a new audience that is interested in the same topics.

It will help you have establish a clear name, personal brand and authority in your field.

Start your work with a quick pick at the past

Once in a while don’t forget to take a look at the website analysis of your site before deciding your month’s topics or writing new articles. It will direct you on the right path to digital success.

Appealing to your audience and engaging with them is also an important aspect of being a content marketer. Let us know in the comment section about your own strategy of implementing website analysis tools in your future work.